Indian themed backyard party

You can never go wrong with a good party. What's even better is when you throw it into the open space of your backyard. The Indian themed party is not any simple bash out there; instead, it requires a lot of planning and preparation. You will have to go through the list of things to pick from and decide what would be best for your outdoor space. For example, do you want an outdoor stage for dance performances? Then, maybe a professional tent is what you need. Maybe you want barbecues and great food options — that leaves you searching for the best caterer in the city for outdoor parties catering and finding a tent that will be functional. And so on, and so on...

A backyard party is a great way to get the entire neighbourhood to meet, socialise and interact with each other. There are many Indian backyard party ideas that you can consider for your next entertaining event. Here are some decor ideas, backyard decor, lighting, food, Indian clothes to give you ideas for your party.These tips will help you create a party feel in your backyard, at an affordable cost, and with no hassle to you.

Decoration Ideas

Proper lighting is a critical element of setting a festive and inviting mood at the event. You can choose the correct lighting options for your backyard based on the size of your backyard, theme, greenery example, if your backyard is having a lot of trees, you can go for these tree lights. Lantern lights are a pretty cool option too. Checkout some amazing lighting options on our website.


The most important aspect of any party is food. Indian food can be a long way from what people are used to, so it's nice to serve familiar meals when hosting an event for Indian people. Biryani and chicken tikka are two popular dishes that are great to include. For vegetarians, vegans, Tandoori paneer, tofu are popular options to go well with the drinks. For the main course Flatbread Naan with some flavourful Indian curries would be a perfect choice.


What is an Indian themed party without Indian clothes? It’s a perfect occasion to make all your friends and family wear Indian Clothes, maybe some nice Indian Kurta sets or Sarees to make the presence even more graceful. 

Good Music

Nice and soothing ambient music can keep the party going even on moments where there are no games/ performances going on. Make sure to have a good music playlist and definitely a great music system to play on. If budget is not a constraint for you then you can opt for a live music band too. It will make your party even more inviting and engaging.

It's often said that the best parties are outside because they bring the whole family and your most intimate friends together. This type of party is often filled with lots of food, games and activities for children.Throwing a party can be a little stressful. You want it to go smoothly and be enjoyed by everyone. Take inspiration from above mentioned ideas and tips & make your next Indian themed backyard party a great success. 

Good Luck!!